Who are you?

I’m Yassine Meskhout (pronounced ‘Meskhout’, as in ‘Meskhout’). I’m an anarchist with libertarian proclivities, who daylights as a public defender (please email me your most exciting crimes at ymeskhout@gmail.com).

Born and raised in Morocco, I was corrupted into abandoning Islam after moving to the United States. I was instead indoctrinated by the economics faculty at George Mason into hating the government. After graduating from a T14 law school (the specific rank is NOT relevant), I compounded my apostasy serving as an abortion rights attorney for the ACLU. The path to Allah's forgiveness was eventually permanently foreclosed when I also chose to DJ gay pride parades.

I like guns, yelling at cops, and bicycles. I dislike hierarchy, authority, and coffee. I also host the podcast The Bailey.

Thank you. I love you.

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Public Defender. Saracen Invader. I write for Jesse Singal solely for immigration reasons, please send all criticism to his boss.