The Bailey Podcast
The Bailey Podcast
E036: White Right

E036: White Right

Cross-post from The Bailey Podcast
New Bailey episode! Talking to Walt Bismarck and TracingWoodgrains about white nationalism, or the lack thereof. -

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In this episode, we talk about white nationalism.

Participants: Yassine, Walt Bismarck, TracingWoodgrains.


Why I'm no longer a White Nationalist (The Walt Right)

The Virulently Unapologetic Racism of "Anti-Racism" (Yassine Meskhout)

Hajnal Line (Wikipedia)

Fall In Line Parody Song (Walt Bismarck)

Richard Spencer’s post-Charlottesville tirade (Twitter)

The Metapolitics of Black-White Conflict (The Walt Right)

America Has Black Nationalism, Not Balkanization (Richard Hanania)

Recorded 2024-04-13 | Uploaded 2024-04-14

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The Bailey Podcast
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