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The idea of requiring advanced notice for citations is brilliant and I am stunned to hear it for the first time. I wonder how well it would work like an Alex Jones type but I can see it making a conversation with like Glenn Greenwald or Bret Weinstein more productive.

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> The solution is extremely simple: require advance notice for all citations. Before every episode of the Bailey, every participant is asked to share links and sources that they think are useful or are planning to rely upon.

I don't understand how this would help; it just shifts the debate into the pre-show communication.

Alice provides advance notice of her plan to use citation 1 for her argument. Bob looks at citation 1 and prepares a rebuttal, which relies on citation 2. He submits advance notice of that. Alice notices that citation 2 conflicts with citation 3, and plans to argue that citation 3 is more reliable, so she submits advance notice of that. Etc.

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That's certainly a *possibility* but it has never happened. Rebuttals almost always rely solely on dissecting the claims directly rather than starting a recursive chain of citations.

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